Alkyne Reactions Overview Cheat Sheet – Organic Chemistry

In response to the feedback for my alkene reaction cheat sheet I’ve compiled another organic chemistry reference sheet, this time for alkyne reactions. Do NOT simply use this guide to memorize reaction products. Instead use this guide as you study to ensure that you understand mechanisms and recognize reaction sequences.

For my Alkyne Reactions Organic Chemistry Video Series click HERE


  1. THANK YOU!!!!

  2. thank you for your help I enjoy your lectures, do you have a video that explains stereochemistry and regiochemistry?

  3. Can you please make videos for alkynes just like you have video series for alkenes?

  4. Can u make a video for alkenes like u made for alkanes??That would be nice

  5. I would enjoy a video. I struggle with this section in my chem class. Your other videos help me understand the basis of different materials.

  6. shawn mathew says

    I have heard many different things from many different people. But for an alkyne, is the final product a double bond oxygen with an oh group(in the terminal alkyne) plus CO2 or no

    • Shawn: I assume you are referring to cleavage under oxidative conditions such as ozonolysis. If so the answer is yes

  7. Kaitlyn Rodriguez says

    What is that on the alkene chain elongation. Is there a typo on the product where it looks like a red glob and then to it’s right is a capitalized R. What is that red glob supposed to be?

  8. Can you please explain the trick you wrote in for the ozonolysis question?

  9. Can you add hydroboration?

  10. You are very welcome!
    Are you in a summer orgo course or preparing for the Fall?

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