1. Thank you sooo much for taking the time to give some insight on the new MCAT. I am very nervous about it and this interview has really helped me on what I need to do to prepare.

  2. Juan Macias says

    Any advice on the CARS section? This is definitely my weakest section. I find it very difficult when I approach those passage (mainly the literature ones) that I cannot comprehend at all. I’ve read that it is not best to skip passages but if I get a passage like this one would it be best to come back to it at the end? Definitely stressing over this section. Thanks in advance for any advice or tips.

    p.s I have been practicing the AAMC CARS practice questions. I do crappy on some and well on the others =/

  3. Thank you for this information. I will be taking the MCAT in september. Would you explain the scoring system? my last practice test I got between 70-80% correct what would the score be for that?

  4. Thank you so much!!!! I will be taking the MCAT on September 12

  5. Yeah… the Apr students went into it blind, however lucky for you we’re learning additional and additional regarding the test as additional individuals take it.

    • Exactly! After conducting all these interviews I have a much better understanding of the exam. And I will continue conducting these interviews to keep my understanding up to date

  6. Great interview, and enjoyed the quantity of detail this student was willing to share. I’m taking the communication in Sept, therefore i will be able to undoubtedly keep these details in mind.

  7. FutureMD says

    Thank you for doing this! I found it very helpful , detailed, and straight to the point.

    How did you do on the MCAT?

  8. ch3rrie007 says

    Hi Leah,

    Thank you so much for this review! such an eye opener. i recently finished my degree in human biology, i will be honest I have not prepared in any way. however, I did my sociology and psychology classes in my last 2 semesters so they are quite fresh in my memory. but yes my organic chemistry and biology from my 1st year is a bit rusty. do you think if i start studying now, I could sit for the september exam? using all you shared in your review, the new practise test, the old 1z for the verbal reasoning and brushing up on a few organic chemistry topics?

    • Leah4sci says

      I recommend 6-8 months of MCAT prep for the average pre-med student. That being said, if you’re just starting out I recommend taking a full 7.5 hour exam (AAMC is ideal) to see where you stand. If the numbers are close to your goal then yes, you’re ok for September, if not you’ll be better off waiting till January

  9. Thank you very much for this. It’s truly informative. I thought of taking the new MCAT in sept. However, after reading the information above, perhaps a January test date will be better suited for me. It has been a very long time since I sat through general basic sciences- I.e. G. Chem, etc.
    there is many concepts I need to recall/reteach myself.

    Thanks again!

  10. Great interview!!! THANK YOU both so much for taking the time and sharing. It was extremely helpful.

  11. Oh. Also, please check the aamc website because there are certain topics that are being taken out such as alkenes, alkenes, etc. I didn’t realize that and spent a load of time on them

  12. Hello! I was one of the few that took the April exam and mind you, it was also my first time. My advice would be not to underestimate the psychology section
    Although I was a minor in psych as my undergrad and a bio major, I do regret not studying for psych as much. Although, I will say I was consistent with my scoring, scoring around the same for all sections. But the Verbal reasoning section…. that section kicked my butt. So yes, I will be retaking the mcats once more. My advice to everyone is to take as many practice tests as you can. Although there is only one, take it. Take the old exams for the verbal reasoning portion. Practice can’t hurt you.

    • Thanks for the feedback Lily, I’ve heard this from multiple students and it definitely helps to hear it again and again to help drive the message home.

  13. Hey Leah thanks for the feedback this was really insightful and informative, question did you by any chance use the old prep books for the new mcat and would you recommend them, l am budget constrained at the moment. l have been reading articles that say old prep books especially for Kaplan for Physical sciences, CARS, are good.

    • Leah4sci says

      The old science books are still helpful because the science hasn’t changed. I would recommend a new CARS book and of course psych/soc and biochem are new topics. If you’re on a budget try to supplement using online tutorials and free resources like my videos and cheat sheets

  14. Thanks so much! Did you use Khan videos for psych/soc,any cimments on these?

  15. GodclassMD says

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Leah! This is amazingly generous and extremely helpful as Ive felt so in the dark about the new test.

    • Leah4sci says

      Yeah… the April students went into it blind, but lucky for you we’re learning more and more about the exam as more people take it.

  16. Great interview, and enjoyed the amount of detail this student was willing to share. I’m taking the exam in September, so I will definitely keep these details in mind.

  17. Very helpful and she answered questions in detail along with giving us some examples for better understanding. Thanks much!

  18. This interview was soooooo amazing and helpful! I truly appreciate the willingness of this student to offer their guidance after taking the exam. I am taking the exam in May and will be sure to provide my thoughts on the test.

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