1. I have been taking full length Kaplan but haven’t gotten more than 504 .With 4 weeks to go what is best way to practice full lengths

    • I’d recommend focusing on the AAMC practice material for the next few weeks. Use their packets and bundles as well as their 2 full length exams. Learn from every question to figure out how to increase your score on the next one

  2. I thought the test was very hard,,,,,,For the General Chemistry I used my class notes and General Chemistry Destroyer book. For BioChem I used the Leninger text. The AAMC exams were also spot on.

  3. Leah, I just want to thank you for all the help and encouragement you bring to the table. Reading this has definitely helped ease my nerves a little. Ill be taking the MCAT in August! I have been searching the internet up, down and all over to find out how the Kaplan full lengths compare to the actual MCAT. It’s reassuring to know that Kaplan’s are more difficult than the real thing.

    Do you have any advice for the last 2 weeks before taking the MCAT, what should I be doing during that time? I plan to take full lengths every week until the week before my test date

    Thank you a million times over!

    • Leah4sci says

      Use the final 2 weeks to focus on your strengths and make them stronger. Work on your endurance and remind yourself that you can do this. Good luck

  4. How were your scores on the Kaplan full length exams? How many of them did you complete?

  5. Do you think Khan Academy provides a good understanding for concepts in the Behavioral section when compared to the Kaplan book?

    • Leah4sci says

      I’ve never compared the 2 side by side but I’ve heard good things about both. I recommend combining video and book resources to ensure that if you miss something from one resource the other will supplement.

  6. I have taken 5 full length Kaplan exams now and gotten 500 (between 499 and 501) on all 5. I then tried just taking a section at a time to see if my score would improve and I have still stayed around 125 for all sections. After taking the pysch/soc section 7 times in total, still no improvement. Ive read all of the books, know the content relatively well, but someone keep getting the same scores. I have 2 weeks till my exam – any advice?

    • Leah4sci says

      I’ve heard from April and May testers that the Kaplan exams are notoriously harder in a bad way. With 2 weeks to go try the AAMC sample test and another company full length like Next Step or even Examkrackers

  7. How did you do on the Kaplan FL Exams they seem horrible compared to AAMC or even the NS Diagnostic…Im concerned with three weeks to go and not doing well on kaplan but decent on the AAMC practice or NS

    • Leah4sci says

      Ben: from what I’ve heard, the Kaplan exams are more difficult and least realistic when compared to the real MCAT. So far the students who tested say that the AAMC sample is the closest to the real thing followed by Next Step and somewhat followed by Princeton. I haven’t heard about the other test prep companies just yet. If you have 3 weeks get a 3-exam Next Step pack and take one every ~6 days in preparation

  8. I only have three weeks. Havent finished my ochem book and my physics book. Plan to finish them in the next tow days and do one week of 101 ek practice tests and one week of 10 old aamc practice tests plus four new ones from princeton. Havent watched kahn academy either 🙁 What do u suggest? I dont have access to the new aamc full practice tests.

    • Leah4sci says

      Sarah, I don’t like the sound of this strategy at all. With just 3 weeks to go I want to see you taking one weekly full length exam from a company like Next-step or TPR (linked here:
      I don’t want to see you wasting time on the old AAMC exams given thsi new format. Have you done the AAMC sample test or any full length 2015 tests?

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