Balancing Chemical Equations with Practice Problems

Balancing Chemical Equations Stoichiometry Series by Leah4sciWhen it comes to balancing chemical equations, it’s very easy to get lost and confused by all the changing numbers.

The videos below will show you a simple yet efficient approach to make sure you quickly account for all your numbers (minimal guessing) and don’t lose track of your work along the way.

Balancing Equations Video 1 – Introduction to Balancing with practice problems

Let’s start with the simple approach to balancing equations including practice problems so that you get comfortable with the process.

(Watch on YouTube: Balancing Equations. Click CC for transcription.)

Balancing Combustion Reaction Equations – Balancing Video 2

Balancing combustion reactions can be tricky due to having oxygen appear in both products. Many professors solve this with a fraction but you can’t have ‘half’ oxygens in a balanced equation. Learn a simpler method for balancing combustion reactions while avoiding fractions.

(Watch on YouTube: Balancing Combustion. Click CC for transcription.)

Balancing Acid Base Reaction Equations – Balancing Video 3

Acid Base and Ionic reactions can be balanced the same way shown above, with an additional time-saving shortcut to help you deal with all the atoms within each polyatomic ion as taught in the video below.

(Watch on YouTube: Balancing Acid Base. Click CC for transcription.)

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