MCAT Full Length Practice Test Advice Video

MCAT Full Length Practice Exams Video

MCAT Full Length Practice Tests – you KNOW you need them, but… When should you take them? How many should you take? How do you learn FROM each exam to slowly increase your scores? These are just some of the questions I hear on a regular basis. Below is a workshop video recording answering this […]

Peptide Charge and Isoelectric Point Shortcut

Peptide charge and isoelectric point pI tutorial video

Charge and isoelectric point of peptides are determined by the individual amino acids. Both the backbone groups (N and C terminus) and the individual side chains. The previous video showed you how to find the charge and pI of individual amino acids. This tutorial shows you how to find them for a group of amino […]

Isoelectric Point of Amino Acids with MCAT shortcut

Amino Acid Isoelectric Point Calculation Tutorial Video

Isoelectric point calculations are critical in your biochemistry course and MCAT prep. The isoelectric point or pI gives you the pH at which the molecule has a net zero charge. This comes from a balance of protonation and deprotonation so that all positive and negative charges cancel out. This video shows you how to calculate […]

Zwitterion and Amino Acid Charge Tutorial Video

Zwitterion and Amino Acid Charges given pH pKa tutorial video

Amino acids exist as zwitterions at physiological pH. A zwitterion by definition is a molecule with 2 (zwitter) ions, one positive and one negative for a net zero charge. This video shows you how to quickly calculate amino acid charge at any given pH by helping you recognize when a given side chain is protonated or […]

Strecker Synthesis of Amino Acids

Strecker Synthesis of Alpha Amino Acids MCAT Tutorial Video

Strecker Synthesis is one of the first laboratory methods for synthesizing an alpha amino acid. Strecker synthesis starts out with a nucleophilic addition of nitrogen to an aldehyde followed by a SECOND nucleophilic addition of cyanide (nitrile group) to the imine intermediate. This video walks you through the overall reaction followed by a step by step […]

Gabriel Malonic Ester Synthesis of Alpha Amino Acids

Gabriel Malonic Ester Alpha Amino Acid Synthesis Tutorial Video

Gabriel Malonic Ester Synthesis is the second AAMC required reaction for the synthesis of alpha amino acids. As the name implies, this reaction utilizes Gabriel Amine Synthesis and Malonic Ester Synthesis, but with a twist. This video shows you the reaction overview followed by a step by step breakdown of important mechanism steps. (Watch on […]

How to Memorize MCAT Equations

Memorizing MCAT Equations

Memorizing equations is just one small aspect of the MCAT puzzle. Yes, the MCAT it is an exam of data interpretation, logic, and reasoning with content foundation at its core. But equations are essential parts of that core! While equations show up most frequently in Physics and General Chemistry, they also grace you with their […]