Converting Sawhorse to Fischer Projections Tutorial Video

Sawhorse to Fischer Projections organic chemistry tutorial videoConverting between sawhorse and Fischer projections is a critical skill in understanding your chiral molecules.

Even if you’re not required to DRAW conversions on your exam, knowing HOW is a critical skill to truly understanding the nature of chirality in Fischer Projections.

This video shows you my step by step + shortcut approach.

(click to watch on YouTube. or catch the Video transcript here)

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This is video 3 of 5 in the Fischer projection tutorial video series. click for the entire series along with my practice quiz and cheat sheet

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  1. Chemist R. says

    Excellent and lucrative style!

  2. why do we need to rotate molecule ?

  3. How would you show CHO on carbon 2 in the fischer structure.?

    • CHO is sp2 so technically it doesn’t get shown in a fisher. See my glycolysis cheat sheet and notice how I draw the carbonyl for glucose and fructose.

  4. Leah you are the best …. It’s because of you that I am getting a A+ on my tests … I love you!!!

  5. I think I love you, really

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