Glycolysis Steps MCAT Study Guide Cheat Sheet

Glycolysis is one of the key pathways required for the MCAT. Not only does this pathway provide a means to break down glucose, glycolysis also connects many other pathways and reactions that occur inside the cell.

This cheat sheet is meant to help you connect the steps within the glycolysis pathway to help you understand the changes that occur and the energy used/invested along the way.

Click the image below to print/download the full version

Glycolysis Reaction Steps MCAT Cheat Sheet Study Guide Preview

Glycolysis – Steps 1-5 Investment Phase Video

Glycolysis Part 2 – Steps 6-10 Payout Phase Video

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  1. I’ve zoomed it bigger, put it in a plastic wrap and stick it in my shower (bathroom studying). Now everytime I take shower, I’m reviewing this. Weird at first, this is one of the most powerful studying technique.

    • Leah4sci says

      NICE!! You need to add the shower marker strategy on top of this to take memorization from passive to active learning

  2. That’s very ingenious of you

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