Introduction to Oxidation Reduction Reactions in Organic Chemistry

Oxidation and Reduction Reactions of Organic Compounds Introduction VideoOxidation and Reduction reactions in organic chemistry are very different than the redox concepts covered in general chemistry.

This video shows you how the same gen-chem concepts apply, while helping you analyze it from a molecular and organic chemistry reaction perspective.

This video covers the logic, definitions, and tricks to look out for when identifying redox reactions and reagents for organic compounds.

(Watch on YouTube: Intro to Oxidation/Reduction. Click cc for video transcript)

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  1. thebillywayne says

    Great overview, Leah. Looking forward to your future videos. Regarding the reagents, I use the same tip with my students: “No wonder it’s an oxidizing reagent! Just look at all of those oxygens!”

    • Simple logic, right? It pains me when a student will write Na2Cr2O7 for reduction. It shows me they memorized. I want to ensure they UNDERSTAND!

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