1. Domonique Raney says

    I will be graduating from undergrad in this May 2018; however, I am in a pickle. I am trying to decide if I should graduate or stay to retake some science courses for med school (College physics 1 and chem 2) over the summer. I know that once I graduate, my undergrad transcript is sealed and grades I received thenafter will not count towards my undergrad GPA but postgrad.. I know that I will still need some more science prereqs besides those two as well. After this Spring semester, I will meet all mhy requirements to graduate in May and I should be at 2.7 or 2.8 but if I retake those courses, it will help my undergrad GPA… I just do not know what to do.

  2. Aminu Abubakar Dahiru says

    I am much similar to you. Now I accept the challenge after I made it I will share mine with you guys ✌

  3. Hi, Stacy! Your story really inspired me! My GPA is at 2.8 and I took some classes after bachelor’s but I’m not really sure what to do now. I graduated 2014 and after that i did some volunteering and shadowing and work but in 2016 i got a stable job in environmental health and just postponed it. Now i’m thinking between Postbacc or Master’s before applying for med school but I know I definitely want to be a doctor. I’d really love your advice if you can help out. Thank you!

  4. Rocky Mountains! Great story. I have heard similar things to what she is saying. Extracurriculars will not over shadow a low MCAT or GPA.

  5. What an inspiring story! Love it! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  6. this was truly an inspiring post!

  7. Hello, wow thank you for your inspirational story and giving other students like me someone to look up too! I as well graduated with a low undergrad GPA and I want to do a post-bacc to help my GPA. Since you mention that you did a post-bacc to help raise your GPA I wanted to know which post-bacc did you do in California. Thank you!

    • Stacy Ellen Hatcher says

      Hi Carmen, sorry for the late reply. I retook a large portion of my undergrad science classes at City College of San Francisco, and then took three semesters worth of graduate level science classes at the Berkeley Extension Postbacc program for a total of 51 credit hours. My postbac was self directed, the director of the program at Berkeley basically told me to that my GPA was too low and it didn’t matter how many classes I took I’d never get into med school, so I should find a different profession. Glad I didn’t listen :), don’t ever let anyone convince you it can’t be done! If you are in the Bay Area I highly recommend San Francisco State Postbacc and I still recommend the Berkeley Extension postbacc (they require a 3.0 to even be considered), the teachers were excellent and the classes I took there are really helping me in med school now.

      • Eliana Soria says

        Hello, could you please give me a way to contact you. I would for you to answer my questions and give me advice.

  8. Just wow. Stacy’s story is really inspirational. It gives me hope and inspiration for pursuing a career in medicine.

  9. Stacy, thank you so much for sharing your story. As someone who is on something of a “detoured path,” what you shared is very inspiring and encouraging. Thank you and all the best.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your story and congratulations for getting accepted! My GPA also took a plunge and I am still debating whether I need to do a postbac. I will also be about 30 years old when I apply to medical school and am very nervous. This story made me feel much better. It’s so nice to hear from someone who didn’t give up and pursued their dream, despite the many milestones encountered.

  11. What an inspiring personal story. Not that it matters, but was she accepted into an allopathic or osteopathic school?

  12. Afua A Andoh says

    Your story is truly inspiring. I have a similar profile as far as academic record and plan to take the MCAT next month. Should I just switch gears and apply to a postbacc program? Do you have a personal email I can reach you at?

  13. I’m currently applying to newly opened schools since my gap is only 3.3 and I’m about to take MCAT on sep 9th. I literally started peeping for the MCAT last week and I’m getting a bit worried at this point. I have master in pharmacology and worked as a researcher for a few years. I also shadowed doctors in and outside of the US and had countless hours of volunteering within the field. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Thank you for sharing your story Stacy! It is relatable and inspirational

  15. Kim McKellar says

    Which postbac program did you do?

  16. Yesenia Gonzalez says

    Im the same position as you. Undergraduate class of 2017 with a GPA of 2,79

    • If you’re still in undergrad can you work really hard to bring up your GPA? Even if you postpone graduation so you can take more classes

    • Stacy Ellen Hatcher says

      I agree with Leah. From my experience most schools place a higher importance on your undergrad GPA than postbacc. If you’re still in undergrad it will be more beneficial in the long run to postpone graduation and repeat certain classes you may have done poorly in as well as taking grad level science classes if your school offers them. I don’t recommend taking fluff classes just to raise your GPA, and above all don’t retake a class until you’re certain you can achieve an A in it.

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