1. Marcus from NJ says

    You’re inspirational and thank you for being the realistic role model during my own time of trial.

  2. Celeste Yergin says

    Congrats. Your story gives me hope.

  3. Natalie Y. says

    This was amazing to read. Thank you so much for the encouraging words and inspiration. I am applying to medical schools this year but have barely had time to study due to balancing a full load of classes and trying to perfect my GPA (I go to UCLA).

    I was originally planning on taking my exam in April or May just in case I do not score as high as I hoped, but based on my lack of preparation, I’m thinking more July or August.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration. I was beginning to lose hope.

  4. This article spoke to me I’m taking my mcat September 1st and I’ve been so scared about it being way too late and I won’t get in. We have so many similarities it’s absurd. This was exactly what I needed to read. Thank you!!

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  6. Rafe Mizrahi says

    Truly inspiring. I’m about 10 days out from exam day and she helped me get back to the reason why I’m doing all this in the first place. You can’t put a price on that. Thanks Jen and thanks Leah!

    • You’re so welcome! Medical School is a long journey and it’s so easy to forget why we start it when we’re in the midst of it.

  7. I agree with Jamila, a great story! Very helpful in prioritizing your goals. Interesting way of thinking, especially, I like part about “I think a doctor is a doctor, regardless of where they go to school. The intent of helping and serving others is there, whether I get my training from Loma Linda or Harvard Medical School.” Thank you for such an informative story and good luck with your dream!

  8. Jamila Ellis says

    Wow!!! Out of all the stories I read, this one touched me the most.
    So many similarities I can draw from my life.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Leah4sci says

      So glad this interview was able to motivate and inspire you Jamila. Remember, everyone is unique and you certainly don’t need a 4.0 + 520 MCAT to get accepted

  9. Courtney Lucky says

    Such an incredible story! Thank you for sharing. I just took my mcat yesterday and I was freaking out because I was scoring 490s on practice test. You are inspiring. Thanks again. Best of luck in medical school

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