My MCAT Study Distraction List

My mcat study distraction list Leah4sciI have trouble focusing.

I have ADHD and many of my students do as well.

In my case, it’s not severe enough to require medication.

But enough to get in my way if I don’t focus 100%.

As I sit and contemplate it, I think our instant-connection/notification-world has us ALL suffering from some form of addiction to “distraction.”

We live for that Notification.

We see ‘squirrels’ everywhere.

And I’m not just referring to the critters who like to destroy my garden…

Sometimes, it’s easy to focus.

When I’m in session with a student I have no risk of distraction.
I love teaching and dive into the work 1,000%!

But the quiet work… that’s another story.

As I write a tutorial,
Work on the new MCAT guide, or
Answer student emails.
THAT’s when I get easily distracted.

I bet you have no trouble staying focused when doing something FUN.


But what about those long MCAT study hours?

What about when you are studying the subject you hate the most?

Your brain is screaming for something else, anything ELSE to do instead of plowing through the books!

Here’s a tip that works great for me,
And when my students implement this, they love it too:

First, if the books don’t hold your attention, try learning from videos.

(You can read why I like videos in Step 3 of the Ultimate MCAT Prep Guide.)

Secondly, one big issue for CAUSING distractions: Doubt!

When you doubt yourself and your studies,
When you are not sure what you’re doing is correct.

Then you are worried that you’re not moving fast enough and therefore won’t reach your goals in time!

The worry can certainly Take. Over. Your. MIND.

So let’s get that cleared up.

If you haven’t already, create your custom study schedule with Step 4 of my Ultimate MCAT Prep Guide.

If you’re stuck with your strategy or need help revising your schedule, let me know!

Next, try

The Distraction List

My MCAT Study Distraction list by Leah4Sci

When you study and something pops into your mind,

Sometimes its important! You want to address the thought.

So you think about it…
And daydream about it…

And before you know it, the MCAT book in front of you is lost and forgotten!

What IF?

What if you promise your brain that you WILL address the situation shortly?

Would that calm you down enough to let you continue studying?

If so, do this:

  1. Place phone on Airplane Mode
  2. Grab a piece of paper and title it ‘Distraction List’

When a thought pops into your head,

Write it down.

Want to make guacamole for tonight’s big game?
Write it down.

Have to go grocery shopping for meal prep?
Write it down.

Need to be sure to remember to schedule that dentist appointment?
Ought to text so-and-so to see if he’s feeling better?
Write it down.

Curious to see how today’s ‘fluids/pressure’ chapter relates to the heart by watching a YouTube video? <– Educational right??

When the clock says ‘Break Time,’

THEN Go to the Distraction List!

Go through it one at a time.

Get them done!

Quickly check social media (only after your full study block) and get right back to studying.

I recommend using this technique combined with The Pomodoro Technique to help you focus and get things done confidently!

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I challenge you to try this during today’s studying and let me know if it helped you focus even an extra 10%. Comment below!


  1. It definitely cleared my anxiety slightly by reading this.. It brought me reassurance that I just have to remain focused, and work hard every day! Thank you for this post Leah! 🙂

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