Projectile Motion in MCAT Kinematics Translational Motion Video 8

Projectile Motion in MCAT Kinematics Translational Motion Video by Leah FischProjectile motion questions are an interesting phenomenon in your MCAT Physics preparations. Think back to your general physics course, if you had to solve a projectile motions question you likely found yourself spending 20-30 minutes on a question complete with 3-4 unique calculations.

However, you won’t have the leisure of time on your MCAT. And so the video below shows you how to focus your study time where projectiles are concerned, in addition to walking you through a multi-step practice problem with a focus on how to think ‘MCAT Style’ each step of the way.

Translational Motion 8 – Projectile Motion

(Watch on YouTube: Projectile Motion. Click cc on the bottom right for video transcription.)

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This is Video 8 in my series on Translational Motion in MCAT Physics. Click HERE for the entire series


  1. Maria Claros says

    This was extremely helpful! Helped me understand how to look at projectile motion questions and actually understand what I’m doing.Thank you very much!

  2. Your videos are the most helpful I’ve found yet!

  3. Concerning projectile motion, do you always take gravity to be negative, regardless of which direction the object is moving (up or down)?
    Also what is the sign for ‘y’ in that case, does that change too?

  4. these videos are great! thank you!

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