Subatomic Particles and Atomic Structure Video

Subatomic Particles Atomic Structure in Orgo Video Leah FischIntro to Orgo Series: Video 1
Understanding large-scale organic chemistry reactions is based on the simple principles of organic structure. While you will not be tested directly on this topic in your organic chemistry course, it is vital that you have an understanding of the subatomic particles and their properties

This tutorial video will provide you with a brief review of the 3 main subatomic particles including protons, neutrons and electrons. You will also learn about their location within the atom as well as mass and charge of each.

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(Watch on YouTube: Atomic Structure. Click cc on bottom right for video transcription.)

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This is Video 1 in the Intro to Orgo Video Series. Click HERE for the entire series.

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  1. You are an incredible tutor, Leah. Very articulate and thorough. You’ve helped me with O Chem so much. I feel like I have a solid grasp on the concepts now. Thank you!

  2. mam its really helping material cos lot of knowledge about mcat was confusing and complicating it witout any organize order youv did it lot of thanks mam ow can i get all of your organic cemistry vieos

  3. mam your teaching method, style is very interesting , I am also a chemistry teacher , your videos helped me a lot thanxxxxxxxxalot sister.

  4. Thank you for creating video tutorials in organic chemistry because these past few days I found myself really depressed about this subject. My professor doesn’t know about information overload. He’s also using jargons and could not make his lessons simpler to make us understand more but your ebook the “10 secrets to acing organic chemistry” has a point that I need to read before the class. Thank you again. I wish I could be one of your students ’cause if you’re my professor reviewing will be unnecessary. God bless 😀 <3

  5. Ofa He Lotu Ngahe says

    Hi Leah thanks for the video it helps me alot of reminding me the subatomic atoms and structure thanks it really helps me!

  6. Hey Leah! I ur videos are so great! They are have helped me so much.
    Thank you soooo much.!

  7. Khaleeq Ur Rehman says

    Hello Mam Leah ! I’m student of M.Sc.Chemistry and I watched Your Tutorials they are awesome just like you. I really enjoyed them. Than you very much …………..

  8. U the bst ever tutor I hav ever had…..thank u 4 helpin me

  9. hello thanks for giving many videos for understanding the chemistry. you are really very good tutor for me forever…………………….

  10. miss leah you are very gud in making me understand the basics of organic n i thank u from bottom of ma heart i want to understand more about reaxn mechanism….

  11. Heard about your site thru Med School HQ podcast. I’m 72 and worked awhile at a nuclear power plant. I forgot or never knew what duterium and tritium are, but do now, just their impact in fission reactors. Thanks! Just need time to spend on your site because biochem is so important.

  12. Shena T. Jalalon says

    hello miss leah…your videos really help me,,,

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