R and S Configuration using Cahn Ingold Prelog Priority Rules

R and S Configuration Cahn Ingold Prelog rules for ranking by Leah Fisch

Chirality/Stereochemistry Video Series: Video 2 Chiral carbons are identified as having 4 unique substituents. Finding the Absolute Configuration – R and S comes as a result of ranking and order substituents, specifically by noting the configuration of the top 3 groups. This video shows you how to prioritize substituents to find R and S configurations […]

Chirality and Stereochemistry Cheat Sheet Study Guide

Chirality Stereochemistry Cheat Sheet Study Guide Preview

Chirality is a tough organic chemistry topic. But if you’re reading this you already know. Be sure to watch my chirality video series to make sense of chiral atoms, enantiomers, absolute configuration and finding R/S for simple and complex molecules. The cheat sheet below is meant to serve as a study guide to help you as […]

Introduction to Stereochemistry Enantiomers and Chiral Molecules

Introduction to stereochemsitry enantiomers and chiral molecules by Leah4sci

Chirality/Stereochemistry Video Series: Video 1 Chirality is an exciting but potentially tricky topic in organic chemistry. Why? because it’s tough to visualize 2-dimensional drawings as a 3-dimensional structure. But don’t be like the thousands of students struggling with this topic. My chirality series will take you through this topic step by step to ensure that […]

SN2 Reaction Chirality and Mechanism of Bimolecular Substitution Part 2

SN2 Reaction Chirality and Mechanism of Bimolecular Substitution Part 2 Tutorial Video

SN1 SN2 E1 Series: Video 13 When starting with a chiral alkyl halide, the SN2 reaction will undergo a backside attack and thus an inversion in chirality. This video shows you a breakdown of the chiral inversion to help you understand how easily to identify chiral SN2 reaction products. (Watch on YouTube: SN2 Part 2. […]