Intro to Orgo Mechanisms Nucleophilic Attack and Loss of Leaving Group

Mechanisms Part 1 in Organic Chemistry Tutorial Video Series by Leah4Sci

Organic chemistry is all about the reaction mechanisms and moving arrows. Video 1 in this Mechanism series will help you understand what the heck these mechanisms are all about. We’ll start with a quick overview of what to look for, how to write the mechanisms, reaction arrows, and more. Then we’ll look at the first […]

Formal Charge Calculation Shortcut Tutorial Video

Formal Charge Orgo Basics Video 4

Formal charge is one of the few equations you’ll learn in your organic chemistry course. It’s also needlessly difficult. This video helps you understand the logic behind formal charge as well as my shortcut for calculating formal charge in just a few seconds. (click to watch on YouTube. or catch the Video transcript here) Watch […]

Formal Charge Formula and Shortcut for Organic Chemistry

formal charge equation shortcut

Formal Charge is that pesky concept covered early in organic chemistry and somehow never seems to go away. Why do I call it pesky? Because the equation in your textbook is long, confusing, and needlessly annoying. How can you afford that kind of time when working through a multi-step synthesis? You Can’t! You shouldn’t have […]

Formal Charge Formula Shortcut for Organic Compounds Video

Formal Charge Orgo Basics Video 4

Orgo Basics Video Series: Video 4 Calculating formal charge is one of the most important skills you have to master in your organic chemistry course. At first you’ll simply calculate which atom on a polyatomic ion carries charge. But as you get into more advanced reactions you’ll be using formal charge to identify reactive intermediates […]