Scientific Journals for MCAT Passage Reading Practice

Scientific journals for MCAT prep video by Leah4sciWhen it comes to the MCAT sciences, content is only the first step. Content will give you a foundation for understanding what is happening in any given passage or question. But true mastery of the MCAT comes from being able to do MCAT style passages and questions.

For many students, the research and data process can be overwhelming. Sure you studied a pathway, but how do you draw on that knowledge when presented with a complicated research passage including many graphs, figures, and data tables?

Familiarity is key. Learning HOW to get through passages efficiently is key. Learning how to skim the research so that you’re not bogged down by the nitty gritty details will help keep you calm and focused.

My students who applied the method below saw results in just a matter of weeks.

(Watch on Youtube: Journal; Click CC for Transcription)

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