Fischer Projection R and S Stereochemistry Trick

Fischer Projection Stereochemistry to find R and S configurations Chirality Vid 6Chirality/Stereochemistry Video Series: Video 6
Fischer projections provide a simple 2-dimensional representation for complex 3-dimensional structures. Which is great for drawing complex molecules, but not so much fun if asked to determine R and S configurations.

Many books and professors will have you redraw the Fischer projection into a 3-dimensional sawhorse or skeletal structure.

I find this to be a waste of time and source of needless confusion on exams. This video shows you how to quickly and easily find R and S configurations directly on the Fischer Projection. Guaranteed to save you time on your next stereochemistry quiz/exam.

In fact, if it DOES save you time come back to this page and let me know by leaving a comment below.

(Watch on YouTube: Fischer. Click cc on bottom right for video transcription.)

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