Intro to Orgo Video Series

Intro to Orgo Video Series by Leah4sciOrganic chemistry professors typically take it for granted that you remember everything you learned in General Chemistry.

However, 99% of students forget over break!

That is, if you even got to this in your gen-chem course.

This video series will give you an in-depth review of the General Chemistry topics that will build a strong Organic Chemistry foundation. Be a part of the 1% who is prepared!

Try the Gen Chem Review for Orgo Quiz after watching to make sure you’ve mastered these topics!

Subatomic Particles and Atomic Structure in Organic Chemistry Leah4sci Video

Video 1: Subatomic Particles and Atomic Structure

This video is a brief review to future and beginner organic chemistry students. I cover the mass and charge of subatomic particles, and their location within the atomic structure.

Periodic Table and Trends Leah4sci Tutorial Video Organic Chemistry

Video 2: Periodic Table and Trends

This video covers a Periodic Table overview. Understand the layout and grouping of atoms as well as periodic trends!

Atomic Orbital and Atomic Shapes Organic Chemistry Tutorial Video Leah4sciVideo 3: Atomic Orbital and Shapes

This video overviews atomic orbitals including their shapes, sub-orbitals, and the number of electrons found in each. The orbitals, related to their placement on the table, are related to electron configurations.

Electron Configuration by periodic table Leah4sci Organic Chemistry

Video 4: Electron Configuration Video 1 of 2 

In this video, I explain how to find electron configuration by looking at the periodic table, and a quick example. In Part 4, video 2 are more complex electron configuration examples.

Electronic Configuration Organic Chemistry shortcut Noble Gas KerneL video Leah4sci

Video 5: Electron Configuration Video 2 of 2

This video has additional examples of how to find the electron configuration of larger atoms and a shortcut version using the Nobel Gas Kernel.

Lewis Dot Structure Tutorial Video Organic Chemistry Leah4sci

Video 6: Lewis Dot Diagram & Octet Rule

In this video I will discuss how to draw a Lewis Dot Diagram for Atoms and will explain the Octet Rule

Don’t forget to test your knowledge with the Gen Chem Review for Orgo Quiz

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