MCAT Full Length Practice Test Advice Video

MCAT Full Length Practice Tests – you KNOW you need them, but…

  • When should you take them?
  • How many should you take?
  • How do you learn FROM each exam to slowly increase your scores?

These are just some of the questions I hear on a regular basis. Below is a workshop video recording answering this and more.

Watch below to learn everything you need to know about MCAT full length exams.

PDF notes and resources mentioned are linked below the video.

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AAMC Update: There are now TWO scored and 1 unscored exam. I recommend taking the scored exams in phase 3

Click to download workshop PDF notes to follow along

Resources Mentioned in the Workshop Video


  1. Great advice on how to review FLs!

  2. Afia Mensah says:

    This was sooooooo informative! Thank you!

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