Naming Organic Compounds

New Video Series on IUPAC Nomenclature

Naming Organic Compounds is a requirement for every organic chemistry student. However, as the molecular complexity increases with stubstituents and functional groups, many students find themselves confused and overwhelmed. My goal with this series is to provide you with a unique ‘puzzle’ approach to IUPAC nomenclature to make this topic doable and exciting

(New videos will be added every few days this month so keep checking back)

Introduction To IUPAC Nomenclature

Click for Introduction To IUPAC Nomenclature tutorial video

This video tutorial gives you an introduction to IUPAC Nomenclature along with a breakdown of my ‘puzzle pieces’ naming method for tackling nomenclature

Naming Straight Chain Alkanes

Click for Naming Straight Chain Alkanes tutorial video

This video shows you how to tackle a simple straight chain alkane missing any branches, substituents or functional groups. Practice examples include condensed molecular formula, structural formula and line structure

Naming Branched Chain Alkanes

Naming Branched Alkanes tutorial video
This video shows you how to name alkanes with substituents or carbon branches including multiple and varied branches

Naming Branched Substituents – Isopropyl, tert-butyl, and more

Naming Branched Substituents like Isopropyl and tert-butyl Groups

This video takes you through the steps of naming branched substituents using the standard IUPAC rules and showing you how to name accepted abbreviations like isopropyl and tert-butyl groups

Naming Cycloalkanes and Bicycloalkanes

Naming Cycloalkanes and Bicycloalkanes

This tutorial video takes you through the steps required to name cyclic and bicyclic organic compounds using the my ‘puzzle piece’ approach to IUPAC naming. Examples include singe, fused, and substituted cyclic compounds





Naming ENYNE – Alkenes AND Alkynes on the SAME Compound


Click HERE for Naming Alkyl Halides Video


Click HERE for Naming Alcohols Video


Click HERE for Naming Thiols Video


Click HERE for Naming ETHERS video


Click HERE for Naming EPOXIDES/OXIRANES video


Click HERE for Naming ALDEHYDES video


Click HERE for Naming KETONES video




Click HERE for Naming ESTERS


Click HERE for Naming AMINES


Click HERE for Naming AROMATICS


This concludes my series on Naming Organic Compounds

I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos and would love to hear from you. Do you feel more confident when it comes to naming organic compounds? You can leave a message on my Facebook Page or Contact Me through my website