Organic Chemistry Syllabus Companion Topics List

Syllabus companion for organic chemistry studentsMatch up your organic chemistry syllabus to my organic chemistry tutorials, videos, cheat sheets and practice material.

If your semester is about to begin, match up your syllabus topics to the tutorials below and start PRE-LEARNING as much as you can.

This will help you avoid overwhelm or falling behind throughout the semester.

Knee deep in orgo topics? Looking to replace boring reading with videos and colorful tutorial? Use the guide below to quickly find everything you need.

And the best part is, I’m not sending you to your boring textbook. I’ve linked each topic to my videos, study guides and cheat sheets (where possible) to make it more enjoyable and easier to understand.

How To Use This Guide:

Compare your organic chemistry textbook to this list and find the chapters that cover the topics mentioned. Start studying accordingly. Click on any of the hyperlinked material to watch my tutorial videos on the topic.

Don’t have a syllabus? The videos are listed in ‘typical order’ allowing you to start from the beginning.

Follow This Scheduling Guide to create a sample study calendar

Students IN or Preping For Organic Chemistry 1:

Gen Chem Review

Organic chemistry functional groups made easy

Organic Molecules – Structure & Naming

Acids & Bases

 Molecular Analysis & Stereochemistry

 Reactions & Mechanisms

 Synthesis & Retrosynthesis

Topics Taught In Orgo 1 OR Orgo 2 (depending on the school)

Topics Typically Covered In Organic Chemistry 2

Topics That Can Be Covered In Organic Chemistry 2 Or Biochemistry

While I only have a handful of public videos covering beginner topics, all advanced topics have been covered in great detail in my membership site. Click for details: Organic Chemistry Study Hall


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