Preparing for the MCAT with a full time job and 7 year old son

As an MCAT tutor, my students come to learn from me. But more often than not, I learn from and get inspired by my students. Today I did a strategy session with a fascinating non-traditional premed student.

She graduated college 2 years ago but kept postponing her MCAT due to a full time job and 7 year old son.

But she’s determined to reach her goal and I am determined to help her get there.

During her MCAT Strategy Session we mapped out overall goals then broke them down into mini attainable goals.

She did NOT want me sharing but I begged her promising full anonymity in the hopes that you can learn from her plan and get inspired by her effort.

Her Big Concern

How to balance MCAT prep to get a competitive score despite having to balance a full time job and taking care of her 7 year old son.

I had her take the AAMC sample test prior to our session and she scored under 40% in EVERY SINGLE section, as low as 21% correct on the lowest section.

Working in her favor

She has a very supportive husband who will help ensure that she has reasonable uninterrupted study time.

Her Goal:

Score a 512 on an early MCAT to ensure the score works in her favor, and have a completed application as early in the cycle as possible to maximize her chances of acceptance.

Sample MCAT study schedule by Leah Fisch

Daily Schedule

Sample mcat study blocks with work and family

Bonus time studying refers to the Audio Study Strategy

Breaking Down Content Blocks

Sample MCAT study schedule by Leah Fisch Sample breakdown of 3 and 4 hour mcat study blocks by leah4sci

Backwards Calendar with Mini Goals

Sample MCAT Backwards Calendar for April 2016 exam

What about you?

Do you need help breaking down your daily schedule, setting up mini-goals, and figuring out how to get there? Let me help you set up a step by step plan to help you reach your goals. Click HERE for more information on scheduling an MCAT Strategy Session


As of Oct 10 this student has sent back many secondaries, already had 2 interviews and more scheduled.


  1. Maria Thurman says

    Hi Leah,
    I am just finishing up my summer school classes as of July 28th and I plan to take the MCAT mid-Jan 2017. I am a non-traditional student and will need to score very well on the MCAT. I plan to start studying in August 2016. Would you be able to develop a study schedule plan for me? I look forwad to your response.
    Warm regards,
    Maria (Aspiring Physician)

  2. What does Flex day/time mean? Or that whole week for that matter. 6-5 exam?

  3. I am aiming to take the Aug 25 2016 exam (approximately 6 months from now). Just wondering, for someone who is working full time (40h/week), only able to spend maximum 4 hours studying per day, do you think this length of time (6 months) is enough?

    • Leah4sci says

      PC: Email me your practice exam dates/scores to help me give you a realistic opinion based on actual numbers

  4. Hi her story is truly inspiring and i can relate. It definitely takes extra effort and sacrifice to prepare for the mcat when caring for your family. I also have children a two and a four year old a part time job and a very supportive husband to help. I take my exam this Friday and im hoping for the best i have truly been working hard and so far on the aamc i scored 49%, 74%, 54%, and an 80% not exactly where i wanted to be but ive been giving it my all and im happy to see im not the only one who knows the extra effort this all takes when trying to keep up with everything. anyhow i will let you all know how it went.

    • To be honest, I have NO idea how parents manage children and MCAT prep. I barely have time for… anything and all I have to take care of is a cute little bunny rabbit. Good luck on your MCAT this Friday

  5. Do you have to take the AAC sample test before you start reviewing content? I’ve been out if school for 2 years and wNt to review a little bit before jumping in to see where I am.

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