Intro to Orgo Video Series

Intro to Orgo Electron Configuration part 2

Organic chemistry professors typically take it for granted that you remember everything you learned in General Chemistry. However, 99% of students forget over break! That is, if you even got to this in your gen-chem course. This video series will give you an in-depth review of the General Chemistry topics that will build a strong Organic […]

Video Transcript : Ionic, Polar Covalent and Non-Polar Covalent Bonding in Organic Chemistry

Orgo Basics video 1 bonding by Leah Fisch

Below is the transcript of my tutorial video in Ionic, Polar Covalent and Non-Polar Covalent Bonding. (Click here to watch on YouTube) [Start Transcript] Leah here from and in this Orgo basics video we’ll talk about bonding as it’ll show up in your Organic Chemistry course including Ionic Bonding, Polar covalent and non polar […]