1. Hey Leah! So right now I am a sophomore in college and I was wondering what are the most useful MCAT books to buy? I am torn between the exam crackers and the Princeton review because although I like the images and colorful material of the exam crackers some of the subjects I need to reteach myself and I heard that they do not go in depth. Also, as a beginning what prep book do you think would also be useful to start off studying with?

  2. Did you do the test for the total duration of about 7 hours? Was there any breaks?
    if someone finished the test early, were they allowed to leave? Was it 1 thick paper or a few papers? was it all MCQ?

    • People start and finish the exam at different times. 8:00 is the official start time but sometimes you can start as early as 7:30. They’ll seat you one at a time, and when you are done you can leave, you don’t have to stay there.

  3. This is a great reflection of where hard work will get you! I was wondering did she review her practice test and how long it took her if she did?

    • Leah4sci says

      Zara: You must ALWAYS review your practice exams to learn from your mistakes. Every exam takes a different length of time to review depending on how many questions/concepts you miss. Expect to devote a few days to a full week for exam review

      • Is a few days to a full week reviewing a practice test feasible if like Nayna you’ve only dedicated 3 months to studying? Or would you have to step it up and review it all in a day?

        • I recommend a minimum of five days to review. This gives you the time to learn and brush up on your weak content areas that caused you to miss points.
          The goal is not only to see what you got wrong, but also to improve in all your weak areas so that you can do better on the next exam.

  4. I’m 7 weeks into studying (with a 12 week timeline) and I’m still getting most of my passage questions wrong. Is this normal? Or should I start freaking out??

    • Leah4sci says

      Jayde: 12 week timeline may be too intense for you. 3 months only works for SOME students, be careful about burning out

  5. Great story and I appreciate all the detailed questions you asked! Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. Thank you so much for conducting and posting this interview. I relate to her on a lot of levels – one of them being the fact she took the old one in Jan and had to take the new one. I’m very appreciative of the adviceabs encouraging words and it’s giving me fuel to study for this beast a second time. Thanks to you both

  7. This interview session really give me a perspective actually.
    Thank you Nayna and Leah.

  8. did she take the “next step prep” class in addition to her examkrackers course?

  9. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this interview. I myself am hitting a brick wall for the first time studying for the mcat, and the post is not just helpful but also very encouraging.

    I read that she reused the old EK books…Maybe I missed it but what books did she use for the new sections of biochem and psych? Thank you!

  10. which prep course did she take?

  11. I’d asked her the same questions, thanks

  12. Great story. Very encouraging. Thank you for sharing.

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