1. William Faulk says

    That was all extremely good advice and more helpful than you may ever imagine. As I prepare for the MCAT myself, I love to hear other people experiences and study habits,etc. This way I can try to find what combination may work for me, or if I will even do something entirely different. I already had considered earplugs the day of the MCAT being I use them when I study sometimes as it is, but having ibuprofen with you in case of a headache was great advice, I sure could see that happening! Thank you very much for sharing, that was awesome! (Thank you both!)

    • William: That’s exactly what I hoped students would take from this. See what you can apply to you and test it out. Glad you found it helpful

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, LeAnn. I have been self-studying for the MCAT for about 3 months (~20 hours per week) and have started to get nervous because I haven’t seen the score improvement that I’m hoping to achieve. It was really helpful to hear about your whole studying process, especially your success without taking an expensive MCAT course. Also thanks to Leah for sharing!

  3. Biggest takeaway: Hope. Thanks!

  4. Thanks fo you both for thisartucley. Ehat is the AAMC outline mentioned by LeAnn which she filled out during her prep? Thanks

  5. Biggest takeaways – resources and practice tests used, thoughts about how resources compared to the real test, hours studied/number of hours spent on which resources, and the additional advice at the end!! Thanks Leah and LeAnn!

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